What is the landing page?

It may seem like a clear answer to the question, what is the landing page? But just because the answer is simple does not mean that the landing page itself is simple or something to look at in the past. A landing page is an important marketing tool that promotes awareness of specific content and motivates visitors through call-to-action phrases to provide data for information that can significantly increase conversions.

The web page is against the custom landing page

Although the definition of a webpage and landing page may look similar to many small businesses, the reality is very different. Web pages are the hierarchical structure of your website and consist of pages like the homepage, around us, team, industry, or product overview - the pages that normally make up your site. Web pages, including the homepage, are designed to deliver value to your organization and help your audience gain insight into the company. Landing pages are optimized only to deliver content-related results to convert visitors to customers. Unlike web pages, landing pages typically do not have external links or move to other pages. Their agenda is to make visitors click on the call to action.

It may be easy to confuse, and the term landing page is often used to refer to the page to which the visitor is directed to / through a link. However, the landing page itself must contain specific content and functionality to:

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·         Attract visitors.

·         Capture visitor data such as name and email.

·         Conversion leads to customers.

·         Landing page types

So what's the landing page? There are many types; here we look at the two basic types of landing pages:

Click through the landing page

As the name suggests, the main goal of this landing page is to entice visitors to click on another page. This landing page is typically used in ecommerce sites. It helps to give visitors enough details about the product and services provided before making a final purchase call.

Traffic from incoming ads, such as pay-per-click (PPC), often gets low conversions where leads are often directed to sign-up pages or shopping carts. The reason that this may result in poor conversion rates is that it takes a visitor to the last page just before giving specific details about the product or service that would benefit the visitor in the decision making process.

Therefore, businesses must take advantage of the clickthroughs that result in a visitor's visit to the shopping cart / pricing page as a destination with a higher chance of converting or selling potential customer.


Lead generation landing page

Landing pages for the lead generation are used to collect visitor information, such as name and email, which will enable you to effectively engage and market them along your shopping journey. This page contains detailed content about what you provide along with a model for collecting visitor data against specific content or display. Be aware of the length of the form, ask for only the information you need, as this may have an impact on the conversion. Therefore, it is best to keep it short and sleeping.

The lead generation landing page is used

Landing pages are used for a variety of reasons. Here's a summary of some of the most common landing page uses for the expected generation.

·         Free trial registration

·         Blog Registration

·         View product

·         White Papers / Reports

·         Books / Guides

·         Subscribe to newsletter

·         A webinar / event

·         Soundtrack

·         Offers counseling service

In addition to these uses, the landing page is also successful in generating potential sales customers by heating them with basic details about products and services. This can buy your company's online product and increase the number of subscribers to your site.

Benefits of landing pages

The landing page is preferred by many marketing and sales teams. It's a great opportunity to create qualified sales channel customers. Some landing page benefits are:

Works, while you do not

This is the most popular feature that companies like. You can develop and market a landing page for one sector (market) as part of your content marketing strategy. Visitors are then persuaded to review your page and may be able to sign up or download your subscription. The process is automatic, without any additional work on your part. So, you can easily go on vacation with your family, or sleep, or work on the next property deal without worrying about generating sales manually for your business.

Instant credibility

Your landing page gives you credibility in the eyes of your site visitors. That's because when you develop a landing page for your visitor, you tend to solve a problem for them (one specific place). Therefore, visitors from your website will consider this and put their trust in your website. This gives credibility to your business and starts a new relationship based on intellectual leadership and trust.

SEO Rank Improvement

As competition increases, businesses must consistently create relevant content and quality to maintain their SEO ranking. With a landing page, you can use the SEO ranking on the web using search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, and so on. These search engines place your website in certain search results based on the originality of the content.

If you have a landing page related to organic content, this will certainly help you increase your ranking in search engines.

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Increase your chances

Often, many business owners prefer to own a web page to feed customers with a lot of information about the product or service. While this sounds like a lead generation tactic, it is actually quite the opposite. Website visitors will be neglected with a lot of information to navigate through one web page that can give up the idea of continuing to leave you with a missed opportunity.

On the other hand, the landing page provides visitors with a solution to their problem and directs them to send their email addresses to meet their needs further. Thus, at the end of the day, you will have more qualified leads and value.

For small to large businesses, a landing page can act like a major magnet if it is used correctly. It works to create a picture of your brand and trust it and help you stand away from your competition. In other words, you will gain a competitive advantage while serving your visitors' needs and turning them into potential customers.likea major magnet if it is used correctly. It works to create a picture of your brand and trust it and help you stand away from your competition. In other words, you will gain a competitive advantage while serving your visitors' needs and turning them into potential customers.


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